Step 1: Read the Merit Badge Requirements

Before embarking on your merit badge journey, carefully read the Merit Badge Requirements available on Merit Badge Central to understand the tasks and objectives ahead.

Step 2: Apply to Start the Merit Badge

Once familiar with the requirements, apply to start the merit badge process by completing a Google Form, ensuring all necessary information is accurately provided.

Step 3: Be Assigned a Counselor

Upon application, you will be assigned a counselor who will guide you through the process. Initiate contact with your counselor to discuss your plans and establish communication. Remember, it’s your responsibility to reach out to your counselors.

Step 4: Read the Merit Badge Book

Dive into the subject matter by reading the Merit Badge Book and/or accessing the Merit Badge Presentation, absorbing the knowledge necessary to fulfill the requirements.

Merit Badge Book = MBB | Presentation = PPT | Eagle Required (Red Bold)

American Business

American Cultures

American Heritage

American Labor

Animal Science MBB

Animation PPT

Archaeology MBB

Archery MBB

Architecture PPT


Astronomy PPT

Athletics MBB

Automotive Maintenance MBB

Aviation MBB

Aviation PPT

Backpacking MBB  

Backpacking PPT

Basketry MBB

Bird Study PPT

Bugling MBB

Camping (Eagle) MBB

Camping (Eagle) PPT

Canoeing MBB

Chemistry PPT

Chess PPT

Cinematography MBB

Citizenship in the Community (Eagle) MBB

Citizenship in the Nation (Eagle) MBB

Citizenship in the World (Eagle) MBB

Citizenship in Society (Eagle)

Climbing MBB

Coin Collecting MBB

Collections MBB

Communication (Eagle) MBB

Composite Materials MBB

Computers MBB

Cooking (Eagle) PPT

Crime Prevention MBB

Cycling (Eagle) MBB

Dentistry MBB

Digital Technology MBB

Disabilities Awareness

Dog Care PPT

Drafting MBB

Electricity MBB

Electronics MBB

Electronics PPT

Emergency Preparedness (Eagle) PPT

Energy MBB

Engineering MBB

Entrepreneurship MBB

Environmental Science (Eagle) PPT

Exploration PPT

Family Life (Eagle) MBB

Farm Mechanics


Fire Safety PPT

First Aid (Eagle) MBB

Fish and Wildlife Management MBB

Fish and Wildlife Management PPT

Fishing MBB

Fly-Fishing PPT

Forestry PPT

Game Design MBB

Gardening PPT

Genealogy PPT

Geocaching PPT

Geology PPT

Golf MBB

Graphic Arts MBB

Hiking (Eagle) MBB

Home Repairs MBB

Horsemanship MBB

Indian Lore PPT

Insect Study MBB

Inventing MBB

Journalism MBB

Kayaking MBB

Landscape Architecture MBB



Leatherwork MBB

Lifesaving (Eagle) MBB

Mammal Study MBB

Mammal Study PPT

Medicine MBB


Mining in Society

Model Design and Building PPT

Motorboating MBB

Moviemaking PPT

Music MBB

Nature PPT

Nuclear Science

Oceanography PPT

Orienteering MBB

Painting MBB

Painting PPT

Personal Fitness (Eagle) MBB

Personal Management (Eagle) MBB

Pets MBB

Photography PPT

Pioneering MBB

Plant Science

Plumbing MBB


Programming PPT

Public Health PPT

Public Speaking MBB

Public Speaking PPT

Pulp and Paper MBB

Radio MBB

Railroading MBB

Railroading PPT

Reading PPT

Reptile and Amphibian Study MBB

Reptile and Amphibian Study PPT

Rifle Shooting MBB

Rifle Shooting Range Safety

Robotics PPT

Rowing MBB

Safety MBB

Safety PPT

Salesmanship MBB

Scholarship PPT

Scouting Heritage MBB

Scouting Heritage PPT

Scuba Diving MBB

Sculpture MBB

Search and Rescue MBB

Shotgun Shooting MBB

Signs, Signals, and Codes MBB

Signs, Signals, and Codes PPT

Skating MBB

Skating PPT

Small-Boat Sailing MBB

Snow Sports MBB

Snow Sports PPT

Soil and Water Conservation MBB

Soil and Water Conservation PPT

Space Exploration MBB

Space Exploration PPT


Stamp Collecting MBB

Stamp Collecting PPT

Surveying PPT

Sustainability (Eagle) MBB

Swimming (Eagle) MBB



Traffic Safety MBB

Traffic Safety PPT

Truck Transportation

Veterinary Medicine MBB

Water Sports MBB

Weather MBB

Weather PPT

Welding MBB

Whitewater MBB

Wilderness Survival MBB

Wilderness Survival PPT

Wood Carving MBB

Wood Carving PPT

Woodwork PPT

Step 5 (Optional): Complete the Worksheet

For added support and clarity, consider downloading and completing the worksheet from the US Scouting Service Project, aiding in organizing your progress.

Step 6: Complete Your Work

With diligence and determination, complete the tasks outlined in the requirements and seek final approval from your counselor, ensuring all criteria are met satisfactorily.

Step 7: Notify the Troop that You are Complete

Once approved, notify your patrol leader of your completion. Your patrol leader will then inform the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), ensuring proper acknowledgment of your achievement within the troop.

Step 8: Receive Your Merit Badge

Finally, bask in the satisfaction of your hard work as you receive your well-earned merit badge, a testament to your dedication and perseverance throughout your journey.

NOTE:  Numerous Merit Badge Books (MBB) and Merit Badge PowerPoint presentations have been gathered from across the internet. Although the Troop 95 logo may be visible on the PowerPoint presentations, we owe gratitude to a variety of other Troops and volunteers who have created these incredible resources.  

Thank you, BSA Troop 344

We have all merit badge books in the troop library free for use.  Ask the Troop Librarian to loan you a copy.  


You can purchase them at

They are also available in print and digital versions on