Patrol Leader’s Council

Scout Meeting
02 Jan 06:00 PM event_repeat
Until 02 Jan, 06:40 PM 40m

Patrol Leader's Council

place Main Street Baptist Church 11093 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY 41001 expand_more

Typical Agenda:

  1. Welcome & Scout Oath
  2. Review of Last Meeting's Minutes
  3. Upcoming Troop Events & Activities Planning
  4. Patrol Leaders' Reports & Suggestions
  5. Leadership Development & Training Opportunities
  6. Open Discussion
  7. Closing & Scoutmaster's Minute

Attention all Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders! You are cordially invited to our monthly Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC) meeting. This is a vital platform where you, as a leader in our troop, can voice your ideas, plan upcoming events, and discuss important troop matters. Your input is crucial for the success of our troop activities and the overall development of our scouting community. Please come prepared with your patrol reports and any ideas for new activities or improvements. Remember, your leadership and commitment make a difference!

“Empowering Scouts, Building Leaders, Shaping Tomorrow”

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